Eric Robert, RMT, Owner

Eric graduated from the 2200 hour Massage Therapy program from Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 1996. After working in many different settings including spas and medical clinics, Eric established Manotick Massage Therapy Centre in 2002. In March 2019, the clinic underwent an expansion which more than doubled the space occupied. 

His passion and belief in therapeutic massage is what has kept him active in the field for the past 26 years. Eric has adapted the many different techniques he has learned over his career to effectively treat many different injuries. Whether it is a sports related injury or pain and tension built up from everyday life, Eric prides himself on creating an effective treatment plan that will help his clients recover. 

Eric is progressing to the mentorship part of his career and has joined the faculty at Trios College, formerly International Academy of Applied Health. He is teaching treatments classes and acting as clinic supervisor at the student clinic. 

When Eric isn’t busy trying to keep up with his two daughters, he finds time to enjoy his other passion in life, sports. He  enjoys hockey and golf.

Eric looks forward to helping you live a healthy and pain free lifestyle.

Eric is currently not taking new clients as his client list is full. 

Jodie Marsan, RMT

Jodie  is a 2006 graduate from the Kiné-Concept Institute for Massage Therapy and has been working at Manotick Massage Therapy Center for 13 years.

As a firm believer in the inseparable connection between body/mind/spirit, Jodie believes that massage therapy plays an important role in relieving physical and emotional stress by enhancing overall health and well-being.

Her keen sense of touch and intuition enhance her practical knowledge and years of experience for more effective and customized treatments and treatment plans, based on individual needs.

Jodie specializes in but is not limited to postural issues and muscular imbalances, as well injury rehabilitation. Many of Jodie's clients seek out her unique style of deep tissue therapy, however she maintains that "Pain does not always equal gain", and ensures there is always good dialogue, assessment and feedback to safely work within each client's comfort zone. 

Jodie is currently not taking new clients as her client list is full. 

Melissa Rankin,RMT

Melissa was born  raised in the Ottawa area. She graduated from Algonquin College and became registered in 2010. Melissa is a member of the RMTAO (Registered Massage Therapy Association of Ontario).

Over the years, Melissa has treated clients for; headaches, repetitive strains, facet irritation, pre/post natal, sports injuries and relaxation, to name a few. She performs assessments to problem solve the root of the pain and create a treatment plan. Melissa can apply moderate to deep pressure and uses techniques such as;  myofacial release, trigger point work, Swedish techniques, and stretches to list a few.

Outside of work, she likes to stay active and spend time with her young family.

Nancy Pollock, RMT

    Nancy graduated from Algonquin College’s Massage Therapy Intensive Program in 2017. Prior to completing her Massage Therapy Diploma, Nancy attended Lakehead University in Thunder Bay Ontario where she completed her Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree. Nancy has always been involved in sports and physical activity and recognizes the importance of proper rehabilitation, which is what lead her to pursue her studies in Kinesiology and Massage Therapy. Nancy enjoys working with all age groups, ranging from children to older adults, as well as with athletes and prenatal patients. Nancy’s work tends to lean towards the more therapeutic deep tissue aspect of massage therapy. Her favourite part about working as a massage therapist, along with meeting new people and always learning new things, is seeing the improvements, even if small, that massage therapy can make on an individual’s wellbeing and physical ability. 

    In her free time Nancy enjoys staying physically active. You can find her going on long hikes with her dog, playing hockey, golfing, as well as participating in aerial fitness classes. She also enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, travelling, as well as reading and knitting during her down time.

Stephanie Ferguson, RMT

Stephanie has been working at Manotick Massage Therapy Centre since September 2008. She completed the Massage Therapy program at Algonquin College in Ottawa in 2008. She is a registered massage therapist with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. Stephanie uses a variety of massage techniques in her treatments with a focus on myofascial, neuromuscular and swedish techniques including trigger point therapy. Her massage treatments include relaxation, pregnancy, deep tissue and treating a variety of conditions ranging from sprains and strain injuries, headaches, joint problems and the chronic tension issues experienced by many from long hours of computer work. Stephanie was drawn to massage therapy due to its natural healing benefits. She aims to provide safe, therapeutic massage treatments to relieve stress and pain, increase mobility and to promote well-being.

Taylor MacIntosh, RMT

Taylor graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Algonquin College in 2019 and joined MMTC in March 2022. His  focus is on therapeutic massage, sports injury, recovery, conditioning, mindful relaxation, and injury prevention. He will create a treatment plan that will help you reach your goals for movement and mindful relaxation.

He enjoyed playing hockey for 16 years amongst other sports and hobbies. Taylor draws on exercise science learned in school and from real life experience with sports movement and exercise, with the ultimate goal of helping people get back to a healthy level of movement and relaxation.

Dawn Armstrong, RMT

Dawn has been a registered massage therapist for over 20 years, graduating from the International Academy of Massage Therapy in 2001. She provides an integrated approach to the health and well-being of her patients, working with people of all ages. Dawn is a passionate therapist who focuses on her patient’s needs with careful attention, compassion, and confidentiality.
Dawn’s post-graduate training includes:

Scapular stretch and rotator cuff release (This course has proved to be extremely effective in treating a number of shoulder and neck dysfunctions.)
Pre/post-natal massage (Treating pregnant women throughout their entire pregnancy, including high-risk pregnancy, and post-natal care.)
Graston Technique (A form of manual therapy known as soft tissue instrument-assisted mobilization 

Cupping (Helps with pain, inflammation, blood flow, and relaxation)

Dawn strives to provide every patient with a comfortable and welcoming environment where you are able to discuss your treatment goals with her and develop a treatment plan that is best suited for your lifestyle and individual needs. 

In her spare time, Dawn enjoys health and fitness. She has competed in numerous fitness competitions and has been published in various fitness magazines including Strong Fitness. In addition to maintaining an active lifestyle, Dawn’s biggest joy in life is spending time fishing, hiking, cooking, and playing chess with her husband and 6 children. 

Dawn is passionate about her career as a massage therapist and continues to expand her knowledge and skillset so that she is able to provide the best care possible.


Haythem Ayoub, Osteopath

My passion for rehabilitation, movement and anatomy started earlier in my childhood. I pursued this passion of mine and took kinesiology at Ontario Tech University for 2 years, before transitioning into Osteopathy at National Academy of Osteopathy. I've been practicing Osteopathy since 2020. I took additional courses in cupping and guasha. I'm also graduating from the international academy of massage in April 2024 to become a registered massage therapist.

My treatments are approached in a holistic way, by addressing the body as a whole instead of dividing them into segments. This approach helps me find the root cause of an injury, rather than treating the area of pain.

During the sessions with me, I will educate you about your injury, create a plan for healing, and start the journey of recovery while having fun along the way.

I spend most of my free time watching sports; basketball, football and soccer. I also enjoy playing basketball, volleyball and other sports with my friends.

Osteopathy at National Academy of Osteopathy

Cupping and Gua Sha Level 2

ISSA Personal Trainer

ISSA Nutritionist


Alex Gouskos, RMT

Alex is a passionate Registered Massage Therapist with a drive to help clients achieve their optimal state of well-being. Alex graduated with honours from the International Academy of Massage and received the award for Clinical Excellence given to selected students who demonstrate thorough and extensive knowledge of massage as well as maintain outstanding connections with clients.
Alex pays close attention to the specific needs of his clients and engages in open dialogue to better understand client conditions and determine which treatments would be the most helpful and appropriate. Alex is proficient in modifying treatments as client needs change both during a treatment and over time. 
Alex uses traditional Swedish Massage techniques as well as myofascial release, deep tissue therapy, joint mobilizations, relaxation massage, sports massage, and stretching throughout his treatments. He goes beyond the massage table by providing remedial exercises appropriate for each client's challenges, thereby empowering clients to maintain progress achieved during sessions. 
Alex's passion is found in maintaining the wellness for both the mind and body and he demonstrates commitment to helping clients move positively through their own journeys. His knowledge and experience make Alex an invaluable asset to have as part of your healthcare team.